Remington MB4040 Mustache and Beard Trimmer Review

Only a handful of companies have put out beard trimmers for men that are operated by lithium ion batteries. One of those companies that have done this is Remington and with the MB4040, they have put out a product that is one of the best in its class. This unit has an affordable list price of $34.99 and is loaded with features that would have warranted a price tag of double that. What are some of these features and what makes this machine stand out above the rest of the competition?

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The Remington MB4040 is one of the best choices available to acquire for all your beard trimming purposes. The unit is another in a long line of quality products from one of the leaders in men’s grooming products and comes with numerous extras and has many features that attempt to prove that point.

Battery Life

This unit is the crème de la crème of Remington shavers. It was made with a lithium ion battery, meaning you will get at least double and in some cases triple, the usage time compared to trimmers with a basic battery. With 120 minutes of usage after just three hours of charging, this unit is ideal for anyone that needs to get cleaned up in a hurry. For cleanup, there is a quick release system that allows you to clean the head without trouble.

Motor and Blades

The Remington MB4040 has a powerful motor that helps to cut through all your facial hair instead of ripping it out with the root like some trimmers. The motor is so powerful that it is actually two times the power of basic trimmers available. The motor powers Remington’s state of the art blades into making the shaving process painless for you from the first time you use it through the 100th time you use it. The blades are titanium coated pieces that are also self-sharpening and self-oiling, which means you won’t have to keep those pesky little bottles of oil around anymore. When constructed, the blades were ground instead of being stumped which means you will get the best cutting performance available.


The unit is a sleek black and silver color that won’t be an eyesore if you leave it on top of the vanity in your bathroom. It is also small enough to fit into your medicine cabinet, carry-on suitcase or even in your backpack. What it lacks in size (you won’t hear many people complaining), it makes up in its heads and quality of production. Included with your purchase would be three heads. The basic wide head that is meant to cut more of your hair quicker. The goatee head is meant to give you more power to add details to your beard and goatee and get into those tighter areas. It also has a stubble trimmer that has fine teeth meant to cut down your three-day stubble. The set also comes with an attachment that locks onto the top of the unit which will give you the chance to trim down your beard in any of nine different lengths.


One thing Remington did with this product to help alleviate the worry that a lot of men feel with their trimmers is a two year warranty. Any man that has used electronic beard trimmers in the past can attest to the fact that with constant use, these devices tend to break down and not function properly. It could have been the combination of not oiling the blades or just faulty construction. Either way, most men hate the idea of having to replace their units. With this two-year warranty, you are protected.

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