Panasonic ER224S All-in-One Hair and Beard Trimmer Review

When you hear the name Panasonic, usually the first thing that will come to mind is their line of televisions. While the company is still producing televisions, they are also making smaller products in different genres including the ER224S electronic beard trimmer.

This product doesn’t have the same design as other beard trimmers on the market, but it will still give you a beautifully trimmed beard with crisp lines. What features does this unit have that make it stand out above other trimmers available today?

What it’ll Cut

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This Panasonic beard trimmer is a great asset to any man’s medicine cabinet. When you buy this unit, you aren’t only purchasing a beard trimmer. You are also buying an all-in-one set that will allow you the opportunity to groom all the hair on your body. With the simple turn of a dial on the unit, you can pick any of 14 length sizes to help you cut through all types of hair.

There is a pop up trimmer attached to the unit that will allow you to shape and fine tune the hair on your face into any design or pattern. The Panasonic ER224S is perfect for cleaning up your beard, mustache or goatee and it can even be used to cut hair.


The blades on this beard trimmer are crafted extremely well to last an extended period of time. They are stainless steel, fast action blades that are precision cut to get through all your hair evenly and thoroughly. The unit’s spring loaded blades require no maintenance and no user adjustments and are even hypoallergenic to ensure your skin doesn’t become irritated over time.


When Panasonic designed this beard trimmer, they made sure to create a unit that was ergonomically correct to fit into your hands properly and not slip if your hands are wet. The unit can be fully immersed in water to clean, meaning no loose hairs will clog up your trimmer ever again. The unit comes with a brush that can be used to clean excess hair as well, but the running water should do the job.

The unit was created to allow usage when plugged in or cordless when it was charged previously. After you get a full charge, you are able to get approximately 10 trims before needing to charge again.

Another aspect in the design area of this unit is the color. With a black and grey design, it won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom. Even the charging unit is an improvement from other beard trimmers. Instead of having to worry about rolling up a long cable when travelling, the charging unit for this beard trimmer plugs directly into the wall. This makes it easy to stash in a suitcase or even in your vanity drawer. The unit is also small enough to be packed in a carry on suitcase, but large enough to tear through all the hair on your face.


In the world of beard trimmers, the average price for quality units ranges from $25 to $40. There are numerous top of the line units that sell for $60 to $70, but this is one of those units where you don’t need to pay a lot to get a lot in return. It retails for $40 but can be found at a discounted price on Amazon.

Overall, this unit is worth the $40 price tag given to it. It doesn’t come with dozens of extras that you need to keep track of like other beard trimmers, but still does just as good of a job as those that do.

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