How to Use a Beard Trimmer


Figuring out exactly what the best look for your facial hair is an important task that can’t be ignored. Do you want stubble, full beard, goatee, or just a mustache are questions that need to be asked before even taking the razor to your face. After you decide what look you are going for, you need to get the right tools, which include a beard trimmer, scissors, and more. As soon as you determine which beard trimmer you want to purchase, you need to learn the proper way to use a beard trimmer.

The first thing you need to do when trying to use your beard trimmer is decide for sure what look you are going for. As soon as you do this, you will want to follow several important rules for shaving.

Rule #1 – Choose the Right Head

This is one of the first things that men do wrong when they shave. Often times, men will use the same trimmer head to shave their entire beard off as they would to give their mustache, goatee, and side burns a clean look. Some trimmers have extra wide heads that make it difficult to clean up other areas and in other cases, men have been known to use smaller detailing heads to shave their entire beard. Not only will this cause your detailing blade to become dull quicker, it will require more time to completely shave.

One important thing to remember is you can use the head of your trimmer to do a lot of things for you. Depending on how you hold the trimmer and the way you tilt it on your skin will alter the way in which it works. When you have a trimmer that has detachable heads, you will want to be sure to use everything you get. With enough experience, you could be able to trim your beard with the same trimmer head, but for starters, the use of the precision trimmer is a must.

Rule #2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Use Accessories

When you buy some beard trimmers, they come with countless accessories that often get lost inside your vanity cabinet. These often neglected accessories are very helpful to maintaining and perfecting the look you are trying to get. From extra guides that help you pick how long you want your beard to be to brushes that help you lines your mustache hair up before trimming, these accessories are all meant to be used with the trimmer to get your desired look.

Rule #3 – Remember that Beard Trimmers Can Be Used for Hair Cuts

This is one of those rules that should never be forgotten. A quality beard trimmer is usually capable of also being used for both jobs and in most cases, works just as well in one aspect as it does the other. Those trimmers that contain a lithium ion battery or can be used corded may be your best bet to get the best performance.

Tips for the Basic Beard Fade Look

fade beard

There are many different styles that can be perfected with your state of the art beard trimmer. Among those styles is the fade. The fade is among the most popular looks for men’s hairstyles today and can be used for any occasion. This look is classy and sophisticated and is something that can be attained by just using a beard trimmer with attachments. If you are looking to get fade with only your beard trimmer and scissors, you can. Here are a couple steps you can follow to ensure you get the best look.

  • Buzz Your Beard - You will need all your accessories that came with your trimmer or in some cases, the trimmer was designed with the length settings built in that can be changed with a click of a button or the movement of a dial. Whichever way you can change your length setting, get a No. 3 and buzz your entire beard.
  • Clean the Lower Portion of Neck - For this step in the process, change your guard to a No. 1 and shave your neck from your Adam’s Apple to about two inches below your jaw line. You don’t want to shave too far up to your chin, especially if you have a few extra pounds on your neck.
  • Fade Your Beard - Change your guard to a No. 2 and trim the remaining hair on your next neck. You will need to finesse the trimmer a bit to ensure there is a nice blend between part one and two. It may take time to perfect, but with a little patience, it will work out fine,
  • Cut Any Stray Hairs - When everything else is blended together nicely, take the guard off the trimmer and use the blade to cut any stray hairs that remain below your Adam’s Apple and on the rest of your neck.

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