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Review: Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer

The Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 is a beard trimmer that has gotten a lot of positive reviews, so I’m sure you’re looking forward in knowing if they’re justified or not. This is pretty important because this model certainly costs quite a few dollars and represent one of the more important offers from Philips. In terms

Review: Philips Norelco BT5275/41 5100 Beard Trimmer

Went through a few bad trimmers and you’re ready for the real deal? After this review you might very well feel like you’ve found the solution. The trimmer proposed here is very well rounded and could fit a lot of buyers. Of course, as you read more reviews on the web, you will see that

Review: Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer, powered by Braun

Your latest trimmer isn’t really what you were looking for? Or things have gotten a bit boring with the tools you have at your disposal? Certainly, the Old Spice Bear & Head Trimmer is a device that can make things exciting again in front of the mirror. This bright red model from Braun got my

The Best Hair Clippers for Your Money – Make Cutting Hair Easy

cutting hair with clipper

Whether you are trying to become a professional barber or simply looking to save some money by cutting your own hair, the best hair clippers will help make the job go a lot smoother for you. The market for electric hair clippers is filled with hundreds of items that will leave some confused as to

Best Cheap Hair Clippers for Under $30


To keep your appearance up for the business world, it takes a lot of extra time in the morning and accessories. For men, this means you need to have beard trimmers, nose hair trimmers or hair clippers if you enjoy giving yourself a haircut. This isn’t always recommended or suggested for those that have problems

Best Nose Hair Trimmers of 2014


For millions of men, one of the most unflattering changes to the body that comes with getting older is getting hair in places you never got before. Those that never had hair in these areas may wonder how to remove nose hair and ear hair and for most men, this means you will need more

Picking the Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble – Top 3 Options


For most men, the day to day routine is filled with activities required for work and for personal enjoyment. Trying to find time in between that schedule that include picking up and dropping off your kids, going to the gym and preparing a romantic meal for your significant other can be hard for even the

What is the Best Battery Powered Beard Trimmer? Check our Top 3!


For men, shaving is an unwanted, but necessary task that needs to be done either every day or every few days to maintain the best look. For years, many men stayed away from using battery powered beard trimmers simply because of the comfort. Even as recent as 10 years ago, the technology hadn’t evolved as

Top 3 Vacuum Beard Trimmer Models That Will Give You Rock Star Look

vacuum beard trimmer

In terms of keeping your relationship happy and stress-free, there are many things men can do to keep their significant other happy with them. Among those things you can do is hang your towel up after taking a shower, put the clothes in the hamper, put the dirty dishes in the sink and clean the

Your Best Corded Beard Trimmer Options

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The convenience of being able to take your electronic beard trimmer on the road with you is something that has made the sales of these devices increase in the past 10 years. The ability to shave each morning in just a few minutes without the need to pack shaving cream, razors and after shave is