Braun Cruzer 5 and 6 Review

The Braun name is one that is known in the men personal grooming business as a brand that delivers top quality products every time. When men see the name Braun on their beard trimmer, they know they will be using a product that will trim the hair off their face the right way, instead of having the hair pulled out with the root like some trimmers.

The Braun Cruzer 5 and 6 are similar trimmers that are both great assets to add to your medicine cabinet. What similarities do these trimmers have and what features are different?

braun cruzer


Braun 5 Battery

The first thing about the Braun 5 or any beard trimmer for that matter that needs to be looked at is battery life. While this unit doesn’t have a quick charge feature like other popularity trimmers also on the market today, with an overnight charge (8 hours), this unit will give you 40 minutes of usage time before the need to charge it again is evident.

Braun 5 Durability

This unit works well under all conditions. It was created with a sealed body ensuring that no water or dust can get inside and wreck with the circuit board. This doesn’t mean you should bring it with you into the shower, but if you drop it into a sink filled with water, you shouldn’t be too worried about it breaking down on you. In fact, you can run the unit under running water to clean and excess hair off the blades.

Braun 5 Blade

While the blade on this trimmer is capable of cutting through thick beards, it might be of better use for those looking to trim their goatee and create crisp and fine lines. The blades are made of stainless steel and are sharp to cut through all types of hair. The blades are made to help you go from scruffy homeless person to clean cut business man in just a few minutes.

Braun 6

braun cruzer

Braun 6 Battery

One difference between the Braun Cruzer 5 and 6 models is the battery life. Unlike its predecessor, this unit does have a quick charge option. After a few minutes of charging, you will get five minutes of usage time and overall, with a full hour charge, you will get 30 minutes of usage time.

Braun 6 Durability

Another improvement between this unit and the Braun 5 is the ability to use it in wet situations. This beard trimmer is also made with a sealed body ensuring you won’t contaminate the insides with water or dust, but this is a trimmer that you can bring into the shower with you. It works just as well as a wet trimmer as it does dry.

Braun 6 Blade

The blade itself on the unit has a wide range allowing you to cut more hair off your face in less turns. Less runs across your face means less chances of painful irritation and pain to develop. The unit was also developed with a special touch-sensitive system that feels the contours of your skin and ensures it catches all the hair evenly. There is also an advanced technology feature built in called SmartFoil. This technology allows the trimmer to catch hair growing in different directions ensuring that no hair will be left uncut.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either unit. The Braun Cruzer 6 is more advanced than its predecessor, but if you aren’t as worried about using it in the shower or needing to run the trimmer along your face multiple times to get close to the skin, the Braun Cruzer 5 can work just as well at less the cost.



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