Best Eyebrow Hair Trimmers – Top 3 Models

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Crazy eyebrow hair is one of the most unattractive things for men and women. National Basketball Association star Anthony Davis has the craziest uni-brow in sports and the most bizarre part about that story is that his eyebrows have developed a cult following. He claims he will never shave his eye brows, but that doesn’t mean that men and women around the world need to follow suit.

Getting your eye brow hair trimmed and maintained isn’t a difficult task, especially considering the high quality products that are out now. From Panasonic to Philips Norelco, what are three of the best eyebrow hair trimmers currently available?

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose, Ear & Facial Hair Trimmer

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This is an extremely affordable trimmer that can be used wet or dry and is ideal for nose, ear, and facial hair. The trimmer can be can be washed easily by running it under running water and considering it was designed with a comfortable ergonomic design, consumers shouldn’t have any problem maintaining their control over the trimmer. It was made with a dual-edge hypo-allergenic 60 degree blade that cuts hair cleanly without yanking and pulling. The trimmer operates on a single AA battery that will give you 90 minutes of run time and the package includes a protective  cap and cleaning brush.

Using this trimmer is a safe way to clean all the unwanted hair from your ears and nose. It has a rotary cutting system that is efficient and eliminates the possibility of cutting your skin with scissors. The device was made with a unique Vortex Cleaning System which allows for thorough and simple cleaning. The blades have curved hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades that will leave just the perfect amount of hairs for natural filtering.

Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Facial Trimmer

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This facial trimmer was made for use by women with a pink and silver design. This trimmer was made with a pivoting head design that follows the contour of the skin for a close and comfortable trim. The trimmer was built with a micro-fine blade that trims away the hair from your face and neck with ease. The package comes with two comb attachments so you can groom your eyebrow hair evenly and to the same length each time. It operates on a single AAA battery and can run for approximately 40 minutes before needing to replace.

At the top of the pivoting head, you will find stainless steel blades that were crafted to last an extended period of time. The blades are also hypo-allergenic and overall, the unit weighs just 0.04 pounds and is easy to hold. It is portable and easy to transport should you take an extended vacation and want to ensure your eyebrows always look the way they should.

Philips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer

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The most popular brand name in male grooming needs is Philips Norelco. The NT9130 is one of their elite products from their line of precision trimmers. By using this precision trimmer, you will get rid of any unwanted nose, ear, and eyebrow hair. You won’t have to worry about going too deep in any of these areas and injuring yourself.

The trimmer was made with a skin-friendly detailer and comb that have rounded tips that will easily be used to trim hair on your neck, shoulders, stubble, and beard. When you buy this trimmer, it comes with a deluxe storage case. The steel blade on the trimmer is extremely sharp and is finely ground. It also has a unique skin-guard technology that will protect the skin from cuts and irritation.

The grip on this trimmer was made for maximum control and comfort with a non-slip grip. It’s grip makes it easy to hold whether your hands are dry or wet and considering you can easily wash it by holding it under water, this is a great feature. This set comes with two eyebrow trimming guards and operates on two AA batteries.

A lot of eyebrow trimmers are made in the same manner. Many of these units are lightweight and feature the same type of attachments and blades, so picking the right tool for your face depends entirely on your past experiences with the brand.

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