How to Groom a Beard

For a lot of men, determining the best style for their beard is a chore. The best style for them could change from day to day and depend entirely on their mood. Over the course of your life, you may have tried every fashion with your facial hair from a full beard to mutton chops to mustache to a soul patch.

No matter what you feel is the right style for your face, there are certain ways to ensure you groom your beard the right way every time you try.


Speak to Barber

barberThese are the men you have trusted to give you a fresh look multiple times a week, but there will be a time when this habit can become too costly. The first thing you should do when you make the decision to groom your beard yourself is speak to your barber. Be open with them and they will miss your business, but they will respect your decision.

During your last visits, ask them for suggestions on how to properly maintain your beard. What tools should you use and how long it might take to go error-free or to be able to give yourself the look they do.


Tools & Accessories

PhilipsNorelcoG370-3One thing that has helped me over the years in improving my own ability at grooming my facial hair is trial and error and having the right tools. When you get a beard groomed at a barber shop, they are either using a straight blade or electronic beard trimmer. When you do it yourself, it may be difficult to put a straight blade up to your throat or face. Instead, use a combination of an electronic beard trimmer and your choice of razor with shaving cream.

If you are trying to give yourself an edge up or fine tine your goatee lines, you are probably going to want to get a smaller trimmer. This will ensure that the bulkiness of the unit doesn’t block out your intended shave in the mirror. When you have your design laid out, apply the shaving cream and use the regular razor to clean everything up. Use the thicker hair as your guide for the cream so you don’t cut too far.


Apply Water to Shaving Cream

This will only take a few seconds of your time, but adding water to your shaving cream is a great way of ensuring that you get a super close and smooth shave. If you don’t think this makes a difference, look at how many blood spots are on your neck after cutting your normal way.


Go With the Grain

On every person, the way in which your hair grows is different. Determine which way yours grows and when you shave, be sure to follow the grain. It is easier to cut close to the skin and get that smooth feeling when you aren’t going against the natural order of the hair.


Use Hot and Cold Towels

towelsThis may be one of those things you think only works in the movies, but in reality, using hot and cold towels does in fact work to open and close your pores. Before you begin your shave, you should use a hot towel to open your pores. This will help allow you to get as close to your skin as possible and in turn, cut down the hair as much as possible.

When you are done, you should use a cold towel to close your pores. Closing your pores will prevent you from getting as much redness and ingrown hairs.

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