What is the Best Battery Powered Beard Trimmer? Check our Top 3!


For men, shaving is an unwanted, but necessary task that needs to be done either every day or every few days to maintain the best look. For years, many men stayed away from using battery powered beard trimmers simply because of the comfort. Even as recent as 10 years ago, the technology hadn’t evolved as much for beard trimmers and they didn’t lead to the most comfortable feeling on the male skin.

As schedules continue to get filled each day at a rapid rate, those men who were turned off by these electric razors might be going back because of the time they can save each morning when using them. For those men that haven’t been keeping up with the advancements of battery power beard trimmers, there are many features that set some apart from the competition.
What are some of the best battery powered beard trimmers on the market right now and what should you look for when trying to decide which unit to purchase?

Remington HC5550 Precision Power Haircut & Beard Trimmer

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The Remington HC5550 is a high-powered and high-quality beard trimmer that has a DC motor with turbo boost for when you need to get through the thickest of beards. The blades on this trimmer are some of the best in the industry, having been made with titanium-coated blades. This trimmer is one of the best for those hoping to get a professional feel from their trimmer. If you own the HC5550, you will own a tool that barbers enjoy to use as their primary tool.

Once fully charged, this trimmer will operate for up to 40 minutes at a time. For those looking to take their trimmer on the road, whether for work or pleasure, you can either charge it in your hotel room with your AC adapter or from your computer with the USB power cable. The trimmer has 15 length settings and has a one-step process for cleaning. Just “Click N’ Wash,” and you will be able to clear all the hair from the trimmer.


Phillips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer

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Aside from its excellent battery life, the thing that sets this trimmer aside from the rest of the market is its vacuum reservoir. This trimmer is made for men, but will keep women happy as there will be a lot less mess on the bathroom sink after shaving. The trimmer is built with 18 secured length settings that can be changed with just a touch of a button. With its multifunctional display, you will always know what length setting you are using.

The battery on this unit is a lithium ion and with just a single hour of charging, you will get 50 minutes of shaving time, enough to create whatever image you desire. It can be used cordless or corded, depending on whatever your needs are.

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Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

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This trimmer is the toughest and strongest in the entire line of Braun trimmers. It has a powerful battery system that adjusts when it needs to cut through tougher hair, providing an even trim each time. The trimmer is built with adjustable beard trimmer guide with 12 lengths. The unit has a water-sealed body that will prevent any water and dust from messing with the computer inside, which will also make for an easier cleaning process by simply running it under water.

For the battery life, you will get 40 minutes of use after a single hour charge. The unit has a low-charge indicator that warns you when you need to get some more juice and it is perfect around the world, as it was built with an automatic worldwide charging system for 110 to 240 volts.

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When you have a charged cordless beard trimmer, you have the freedom to shave your beard from any location. Whether you are on vacation, on your patio or in your car, a battery powered beard trimmer is a great tool in your fight to maintain your facial hair. These three trimmers are all at the top of the rankings for the best, but they aren’t your only options. The market of beard trimmers is loaded with battery powered units, so the best bet may be doing some additional research.

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